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Teaching Experience

Current Roles

In Summer 2023, I led the course "Dynamical Systems" at Saarland University.


In this course we cover

  • Basic theory of ordinary differential equations,

  • Qualitative analysis in mathematical ecology,

  • Autonomous dynamical systems,

  • Stability and bifurcation theory,

  • Discrete dynamical systems and chaos

The course homepage can be found here.

In Summer 2022, I was a teaching assistant for the course "Partial Differential Equations 1" at Saarland University. The course homepage can be found here.

`Taste of Research' Undergraduate Seminars (TORUS)

In 2018 I founded the `Taste of Research’ Undergraduate Seminars, also known as TORUS. These seminars are run by maths PhD students and are designed to introduce undergraduate students to some of the research being completed at the University of Surrey. 

These seminars continue to be run by PhD students at the University of Surrey, and more information can be found at this link.

Postgraduate Research Seminars

In 2018 I started the `Postgraduate Research Seminars’ to provide an opportunity for PhD students to discuss and present their work in an informal environment. These seminars consist of PhD students, sometimes from other Universities, presenting talks on their research or interests to an audience of just PhD and Master’s students.

Widening Participation Summer School

Every year, the University of Surrey’s Widening Participation team runs week-long summer schools for many subjects, including maths. As part of this event, students take part in a group project where they tackle a mathematical problem and present their results at the end of the week.

I was lucky enough to be involved with this programme in both 2018 and 2019. As part of this experience, I prepared research projects, presented an introductory talk on the research area, and then provided guidance and support throughout the week.

List of Outreach Talks

  • Something from nothing: Investigating the emergence of localised patterns, TORUS, December 2020

  • Bridging the Gap: the Hunt for Localised Hexagonal Patches, Postgraduate Research Seminars, October 2020

  • > Just Numbers?, Duke of Kent School Pi Day Mathematics Event, March 2020

  • Peaks and Troughs: Researching Patterns on the Surface of a Magnetic Fluid, PhD Open Afternoon, November 2019

  • Is Maths Relevant in the Real World?, Maths WP Summer School, July 2019

  • Population Modelling or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Plot the Graph, Royal Alexandra and Albert School Campus Visit, July 2019

  • Booms and Chaos: The Perils of Population Modelling, Mathematics Taster Day, March 2019

  • Localised Spots on the Surface of a Ferrofluid, Postgraduate Research Seminars, February 2019

  • Pattern formation in ferrofluids: What rocket fuel can teach us about geometric structures in nature, PhD Open Day, October 2018

  • Why is Nature so unoriginal? An Introduction to the Study of Pattern Formation, TORUS, October 2018

  • Maths in the Real World: An Introduction to Study and Research at the University of Surrey, Maths WP Summer School, July 2018

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