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Selected Publications


D.J. Hill, D.J.B. Lloyd & M.R. Turner, "Localised radial patterns on the free surface of a ferrofluid", J. Nonlinear Sci 31, 79 (2021), doipreprint

D.J. Hill, "Existence of localised radial patterns in a model for dryland vegetation", IMA J. Appl. Math. (2022), doipreprint

D.J. Hill, J.J. Bramburger & D.J.B. Lloyd, "Approximate localised dihedral patterns near a Turing instability", (2022), preprint

D.J. Hill, J.J. Bramburger & D.J.B. Lloyd, "Dihedral rings of patterns emerging from a Turing instability", (2022), preprint



D.J. Hill, "3D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in a thin spherical shell", MMath Thesis, pdf

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